Starting Your eVisit with an iPhone or iPad

Also available: Training videoOpen YouTube video in new window or PDF quick referencePDF file.

Before you start your eVisit, you must first install the app and ensure that your device's battery is fully charged and not in "low power mode".

Your email invitation has the subject "Video eVisit Invitation - Event ID", from sender "".

  1. Open your email invitation and tap the Start eVisit link. A Welcome screen appears. Tap the Open my eVisit event button.

  2. An "Open this page in Infinity Connect" pop-up appears. Tap Open.
  3. A Pexip Infinity Connect screen appears briefly, followed by a “You’re invited to” video screen with your self-view and three options.
    • If you are using a headset, make sure you tap the Speaker icon speaker icon and switch to the Headset icon headset icon.
    • The Name displayed to other participants is set when you installed and set up the app. If you want to change the display name, see Changing your Display Name.
  1. To join, tap the Video option ().
  2. If the organiser set a PIN, a PIN dialog box appears
    • If there is no PIN required, skip to step #6.
    • If a PIN is required, type the PIN given to you by the videoconference organizer and then tap Join.
  3. When connected, a video screen appears.
    • If you are the first participant to enter the conference, you will see a “Waiting for the host...” image in the large panel and your self-view at the top right.
    • Your camera automatically turns on when you connect.
    • After the host joins, you will be connected and see both them and your self-view.
  1. To end the conference:
    1. Tap anywhere in the video image to show the control bar and then click the End Call () button.
    2. Click Disconnect in the confirmation pop-up.
    3. Tap the device's Home button to exit the app.

If you start your videoconference but the Waiting for the host... screen continues to appear, it could be because the host has locked the conference. Contact the event host and ask them to unlock the videoconference.