Resolving Sound Issues (PC)

There are a number of factors that can affect the sound quality in a videoconference. Review the lists below to understand some of the more common factors.

You hear background noise.

  • Ask the person to move to a quieter location.
  • Ask the person to move closer to their microphone when they speak, and to mute when they are not speaking.
  • Use a headset or a speakerphone with echo-cancellation. Built-in equipment is more likely to pick up background noise.

You hear the sound at a very low volume.

  • Use your computer’s Audio Controls to increase your computer’s speaker volume.
  • If it is a specific participant you can’t hear well, ask them to use their computer’s Sound > Recording controls to increase the volume of their microphone.

There are dropped or cut-off words.

  • Your CPU may be intermittently working on other tasks.
    • To free-up your CPU, close all applications except those necessary for your videoconference. (For example, shut down Outlook which can use a lot of bandwidth and CPU if it is downloading large attachments.)
  • Your internet connection may be poor or highly variable.
    • If you share a connection with others, another application or another computer streaming video or file downloading might be consuming bandwidth.
    • If you are connected via a wireless connection, you can improve the quality in most cases by using a wired connection.