Preparing for Your eVisit on a Windows-Based Computer (PC)

PDF quick referencePDF file

Technical Requirements

Your Windows-based personal computer (PC) should meet the following standards.

OS version

Windows 10

Processing power 4GB RAM minimum recommended; 8 GB RAM preferred
Minimum internet speeds

Upload = 768 Kbps - 1 Mbps per call; Download = 5 Mbps

Testing your internet speed

Your email invitation contains a link that enables you to "test your device" in advance.

Or call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for a test.

Or try speedsmart.netOpens in new window / tab, fast.comOpens in new window / tab, or speedtest.netOpens in new window / tab.

Browsers supported
  • Google Chrome 72+
  • Mozilla Firefox 60 ESR+
  • Microsoft Edge 79+

Recommended Equipment

Your webcam/camera should support high-definition (HD) quality.

Use a speakerphone with echo-cancellation or a headset.

For more information, see Recommended PeripheralsPDF file.