Sharing Images or PDFs using a Mac

PDF quick referencePDF file

You can share one or more files. The shared files can be a combination of images (JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF) and PDFs (if supported by your device).

For example, if you are in a clinical video visit and the doctor needs a better view of something, you can share an image file while in the video visit.

If you receive a warning message or cannot share a file, you might need to set your Mac to allow screen sharing.

  1. Click the Share Files button Share Files button in the control bar.
    Video screen with Presentation button highlighted.
  2. To access files on your computer, click Presentation button. Locate the appropriate folder, and select the desired image(s). The selected images appear as a preview in the Create Presentation panel.
  3. Review the selected files and to start sharing the images, click Present button.
    • Click an individual image to select and deselect it.
    • To add more images,click Add button.
  4. The Pexip app creates a slide show of the selected images and it appears in a small thumbnail image at the top-left of the main video panel.
    • To advance to the next image or return to a previous image, click the left < or right > on-screen controls.
    • In the participants list, a small blue icon appears beside the name of the person sharing.
    • To switch the content shown in the main video panel, click the thumbnail (i.e., show either the presentation or the participants in the large panel).
  5. To stop sharing, click the Presentation button Presenting button in the control bar.