Starting Your eVisit with a Mac

Also available: Training videoOpen YouTube video in new window or PDF quick referencePDF file

Your email invitation contains the link you need to join the videoconference. The person who sent you the invitation email might have also given you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for privacy and security reasons. When you log in, you need to provide your name.

Your email invitation has the subject "Video eVisit Invitation - Event ID", from sender "".

Note: The “permissions” pop-ups are different, depending on which browser you use.

  1. Open your email invitation and click the Start eVisit link. An OTN Log In screen appears.

  2. Type your name in the Your Name field and then click Connect. A Select your camera and microphone panel appears with your default devices selected.

  3. Leave the default devices selected or change as desired and then click Start.

  4. If the organiser set a PIN, a PIN dialog box appears.
    • If there is no PIN required, skip to step #5.
    • If a PIN is required, type the PIN given to you by the videoconference organizer and then click Connect.
  5. When connected, a video panel appears within your browser window.
    • If you are the first participant to enter the conference, you will see a “Waiting for the host...” image in the large video image and your self-view at the top right.
    • Your camera automatically turns on when you connect.
    • If the other participant has already joined, you will see both your self-view and the other person.
  6. To end the conference:
    1. Move your mouse over the video image to show the control bar and then click the End Call () button.
    2. Click Disconnect in the confirmation pop-up.
    3. Close the browser window.


If you see a red lock icon () in the top left banner, the videoconference is ‘locked’. Contact the event organizer (host) and ask them to ‘unlock’ the event.

  • If you have not disconnected, you will automatically join the conference after the host unlocks it.
  • If you have disconnected, you can try reconnecting after the host has unlocked the conference. (See Reconnecting to a Videoconference below.)