Videoconference Controls on an Android Device

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The video pane contains several tools to help you control your video session. Specifically, a control bar and a Participants panel.

Video Control Bar

When you are in a call, a self-hiding Video Control bar appears at the bottom of the video pane. The Video Control bar remains visible for only a couple of seconds and then it hides

  1. To view the Video Control bar when it’s hidden, tap once anywhere in the main part of the video pane.
  2. To hide or show your self-view, tap the self-view picture-in-picture.

  3. Tap an icon to toggle through its functions as listed below.

Camera / Privacy - Turn your broadcast video on or off.

You've put yourself in privacy mode. (You see/hear others but they cannot see you.)

Microphone - Toggle between turning the microphone on and off.

You've muted your microphone.

End call (Disconnect)

Presentation - Share images or PDFs with all other participants.


Participants Panel

The Participants Panel is where you can change the camera, microphone, or speaker. Also, after the host joins, the panel lists everyone in the video visit.

To show or hide the Participants panel:

  • On a tablet, tap the show/hide arrow () on the left side of the video image.
  • On a phone, the participants panel is available only when the device is in a vertical orientation and is always in view.
Tap to view a list of participants.
Identifies the host.
Identifies a participant.

Control: Opens a panel with control options.

To access options for your camera, microphone, and headset, tap Select media devices.

To close the Control options and return to the Participants panel, tap the arrow pointing left at the top of the panel.

  • Front Camera / Back Camera toggles between using one or the other camera.
  • Microphone / Headset toggles between microphone and headset options.
  • Speaker / Headset toggles between speaker and headset options.
Tap to view app messages. Chat feature is disabled for video visits.